Tulsa Women’s March 2018

Angela has two children and has called Sand Springs home for more than 20 years. She currently teaches Pre-K at Deborah Brown Community School. Before moving to Sand Springs in eighth grade, Angela grew up in a tight-knit, working-class family in Hutchinson, Kansas. From a young age, Angela learned to take care of others, including her family, and to have a strong work ethic, values that she has carried her entire life.

As an Early Childhood Education professional, hard work and caring for others is at the core of everything Angela does. For more than 17 years, she has helped children from birth through pre-Kindergarten prepare for school readiness, lifelong learning, and emotional stability.

Angela’s job is to help young children understand their own needs, abilities, and obstacles as they prepare to enter the school system. For too long our schools, our teachers, and our children have been an afterthought at the Capitol and held voiceless. Angela is running to change that, to give our schools the support they need.

“I believe in an Oklahoma where people care about one another and work leads to prosperity.  I believe in an Oklahoma where the color of a person’s skin or the amount of money in a person’s pocket doesn’t determine how they are treated by the police or the courts.  I believe in an Oklahoma where every child can get a good education and where every parent can take their child to the doctor.”
– Angela Graham, Democratic Candidate for House District 66

Her experiences, both professionally and personally, have led Angela to the belief that healthcare is, and should be, a right for all people, not just a privilege for the wealthy or the fortunate. For most of her adult life, Angela went without any form of health insurance. She has seen children struggle with physical or mental challenges, parents who are crushed financially and emotionally by the costs of trying to ensure the health of their children, and parents who have to prioritize the health of their children over their own because they can’t afford to take care of both. As a legislator, Angela wants to be a voice for all Oklahomans, young and old, advocate for them, and help everyone get the care they need at a price they can afford.

One of the most important things Angela does as an educator is her work with at-risk children and children from marginalized groups. She works with children who know, even from an early age, that their ethnicity, their family’s economic status, or the color of their skin will, without fail, make their lives harder. It is heartbreaking and unjust, to say the least. Because of those experiences, Angela became an activist and advocate for marginalized communities and for racial justice. She has been involved with Aware Tulsa, an organization dedicated to standing up for accountability to and justice for racial, ethnic, and religious minorities all across Tulsa and surrounding communities.

Angela works with children every day whose parents put in a full day’s work, at an honest job, but still, struggle to pay rent or their mortgage and put food on the table. Angela has been a proud member of the working class her entire life. She knows what it is like to work long hours at a difficult job and still struggle to make ends meet.

Three years ago, not long after the legislature enacted pro-corporation reforms to workers’ compensation, Angela was injured on the job. She needed to use the workers’ compensation system to ensure that she got appropriate care for her injury and to make sure that she got the help she needed to care for her family while she was unable to work. Unfortunately, because of the legislature’s pro-corporation reforms, she spent weeks with no pay and no support because her worker’s compensation ran out long before her injury healed. Angela almost lost everything because of it, and she knows she is not the only one who has faced that problem, or worse.

Angela has dedicated her life to working with people, for people, and for a better life for those in her community. She is dedicated to working for a better future for Oklahoma and has actively worked with candidates and community leaders over the years to make progress for everyone. Angela believes when we work together, we build stronger communities and ultimately a stronger Oklahoma.